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Vertex, Sabrix and Taxware?

suddu v
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What is the difference between the 3 external tax engines - Vertex, Sabrix and Taxware?

Is there any difference as to which countries are these tools valid?




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    suddu v
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    Any thoughts / ideas please .



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    Ross Morris
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    How Thoms Reuters Sabrix is differentited:


    Complete tax portfolio

         Thomson Reuters offers a complete suite of tax solutions including: Tax Planning, Transfer Pricing, Tax Provisioning, Indirect Tax and Tax Compliance. This full end to end solution is underpinned by workflow, calendaring, tax research and GRC. Over time this vision will become more tightly integrated and delivered through a single portal. Other vendors only offer point solutions and cannot provide the full range of functionality.

    Company viability and commitment

         Thomson Reuters is a $13B publically traded company.  Sabrix customers have the comfort that they have a long term tax technology partner committed to the investment required to supporting their growing needs in every market.

    International implementation support

         Sabrix is the only tax solution that has a dedicated European implementation team that is based in Europe and understands the complexities and needs of European multinational companies. This not only reduces project cost but also ensures that Sabrix customers get the best possible support throughout their projects.

    Global experience

         Sabrix is the only tax solution vendor that has extensive provable experience with  large complex multinational global implementations. Other vendors range from no experience to very limited experience in small divisions performing very limited activities internationally. Sabrix has numerous customers running a variety of ERP systems who can provide real world references to prospective customers.

    Mature global product



    The only proven global solution.

    Fifth Generation Technology (version 5.1.x).

    Used by customers to process transactions in 100+ countries.

    Proven global integrations with SAP, Oracle and legacy applications which are all owned and maintained by Sabrix.

    The only solution that fully automates determination, calculation and recording of all sales, use, value added and other transaction based taxes.

    Single code line, optimally focused resources.


    Make consistent tax policy changes within a single application.

    Configuration without coding.

    Stop relying on IT development  for tax policy creation and maintenance.

    Stop relying on distributed non-tax personnel to make the right tax decisions.

    Remove the limitation of SAP tax codes (capped at 1,296).


    Be in position to support your global vision for tax policy enforcement and control via  application flexibility.

    Rapid configuration and testing of new tax policies.

    Global transaction tax accuracy enforcement using global tax research.

    Distributed tax management with global visibility.

    Automatic updates to global tax research for the rates, rules and the law.


    Run reports on global and consolidated transaction data.

    Single source of record for global transaction and tax data.

    Audit support and compliance reporting.


    Discontinue supporting multiple tax applications and/or customized SAP globally.

    Consolidation of software and hardware systems.

    Consolidation of databases.



         Sabrix has been live with global blue chip customers for international VAT for over five years and has had the opportunity to refine the solution with numerous product releases to handle the nuances and complexities that our customeru2019s have. No other vendor has had the chance to battle test and refine their solutions. This means our customers can implement Sabrix with complete confidence that their tax requirements will be covered.

    Comprehensive partner network

         Sabrix Thomson Reuters typically relies on our highly developed partner network to implement our solution. This gives our customers choice as to who they want to implement the solution for them. It also ensures that there is considerable expertise available in the market to implement Sabrix. Having trained partner resources globally allows our customer to utilise local resources irrespective of location. Other vendors prefer to implement the solution themselves. This can make it hard to understand the full cost and can be highly challenging for the vendors that do not have an EU implementation team.


    Fully independent tax determination

         Sabrix requires no indication of the desired treatment to make the correct tax decision. For example, triangulation simplification is determined automatically based on the data provided to the engine. Other solutions require the source system to indicate a triangulation is required. This leads to reduced accuracy, unnecessary systems development and greater maintenance.

    Sabrix is the fastest tax engine available

         All tax decisions are performed in a memory space at the tax engine and disc access is not required for tax decisions. This enable Sabrix to be the fastest and most scalable solution on the market. Our users do not experience any disruption due to process delays introduced by bolting an additional system to SAP.

    SAP relationship

         Thomson Reuters Sabrix was selected in May 2010 as SAPu2019s tax technology partner. This relationship is crucial to SAP customers since it will lead to much tighter technical and commercial alignment between Sabrix and SAP than other tax solutions. Currently Sabrix and SAP are directly engaged to further develop the international tax interface and are working towards international certification of the tax interface.

    Thomson Reuters provides a complete record to report solution

         Transaction tax data is stored in the Sabrix database and transported to Abacus for automating the returns filing process. No other vendor has an international returns module let alone the capability to automate the end to end process.

    Sabrix Report 6.0 is built using SAP technology

         Sabrix Reports 6.0 is provided on SAPu2019s Business Objects platform. This means that SAP customers already support the technology making it easier and cheaper to maintain and ensuring the best possible integration with SAP. Other vendors use proprietary or additional third party tools for reporting.

    Sabrix only supports a single tax engine platform

         Other vendors have to split their support and implementation effort across multiple vendor products. Sabrix has always provided a global solution and all Sabrix customers are on version 5 of the engine.

    Sabrix provide the most accurate and highest quality tax content

         Sabrix Tax Research has always owned the international VAT content since the quality of the rates, rules and logic is core to the value provided to our customers. Other vendors attempted to have external parties provide the content but have recently realised the problems that this causes and are in the process of attempting to replicate the Sabrix model.