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Ahmed EL Zain Hassan
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HI Experts


Can anyone give some information about SAP Enhacement Package 5  in FI/CO " EHP5". My company is planning to upgrade the current package to EHP5. Please give information and hints

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    Sunny Pahuja
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    What information do you need related to FI ?


    Also, please don't write your questions in forum in bold letters.




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    Sathees Kumar Gopalan
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    Hi Ahmed,


    Check out http://www.sapsolutionbrowser.com


    Mention the source version ( the version you are currently in) and in the target, choose EHP5.


    Also you can check the release notes in 'Release & Upgrade Info' in www.service.sap.com (SAP Support Portal)


    Best Regards

    Sathees Gopalan

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    surojeet dey
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    EHP5 is latest and just completed Ramp up with SAP Pilot stage, but still there are lot of info available just go through these below link this contains all EH5 related info


    http://service.sap.com/erp >>SAP ERP Financials >>SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP 6.0




    http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/EHP/OverviewSAPEnhancement+Packages (info is available only upto EHP4 )


    https://websmp204.sap-ag.de/instguides>>SAP business suite applications >> ERP 6.0 >>SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0



    With regards,

    Surojeet Dey

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      Ahmed EL Zain Hassan
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      Dear Mr. Dey


      Your links are useful and thanks for that. Iam interested in enhancement for " Controlling Module". I check all the Finincials but did not see any updates in Controlling. Can you comment!

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        R Brahmankar
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        Extension of transaction MRN9 to update multiple ledgers & balancing dimensions

        Multiple Approaches to Balance Sheet Valuation in MM Material Master Records Updated.

        The following features are in the scope of New G/L in EhP 5

        Transfer of cumulated and single documents in a distributed system landscape (ALE)

        It can be decided which G/L accounts are transferred on a single document level and which G/L accounts are cumulated before the transfer.

        Therefore the solution provides the possibility of building the right mix with needed granular information without unnecessarily increasing Financialsu2019 data volume.


        Controlling and financial transactions have been enhanced to allow the operation as an account assignment object


        Also Transaction SFW5 you will get all details.


        Hope it will help you.




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    Rajesh Kumar Bhansali
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    Hi ,


    First understand ,What Are Enhancement Packages?

    u2022 Optionally installed and activated software innovations for SAP ERP 6.0

    u2022 Software innovations include

    u2022 UI simplifications

    u2022 Functional enhancements

    u2022 Enterprise services

    u2022 SAP enhancement packages are built on top of each other

    u2022 Enhancement packages are not support packages: Support Packages contain corrections and legal

    changes, SAP enhancement packages new functionality