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Error FS215 F110

Liliana Carolina Sanchez  Perez
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Good morning

I have the following error in the transaction F110 to make a transfer payment "Only output tax account is allowed for XXXXXXXXX SSSS, is not allowed", effectively the VAT has not accepted this but is not this exactly why this error is triggering the account refers to the process but does not discount that takes a vat that is not reflected in the game that is being compensated, someone can guide me to know that I can validate as revice and configuration of this part and is correct to that for the remaining payments are everything went well just a few items that are returning this error.

Thank you all for if it helps.

Good day

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    Fernando Evangelista
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    Hi Liliana,


    Check the following notes:


    1292170     F110 Net invoices with taxable cash discount

    1376505     F110: Minor differences for cash discount in net documents


    I hope I could be of assistance.

    Kind Regards


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    Fernando Evangelista
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    Hi Liliana,


    Kindly check also the following information regarding this error message:


    If your account  is a cash discount receive with no differentiation regarding to tax code.


    FS00 has tax category + Only output tax allowed


    You have to distinguish when discount is received

    You perhaps have to change  the tax category in the master data of the

    g/l account

    (-> with transaction FS00) of '+ ' (-> only

    Output tax allowed) to '* ' (- allowed> output and input tax)

    , since the change in the tax code also clear evidence in the

    debit position is set. Then the problem should be fixed.


    Also, in order to prevent this error in MIRO,

    please review the following attached notes as they explain the necessary

    customizing you need in transaction FTXP for the corresponding tax code

    you are using:


    29401   EU indicator '9' not only for acquisition tax

    911113  FS 215: "Only output tax is allowed for account & &, & is no


    The situation only occurs in the logistic invoice verification.

    LIV does not work in the same way as FI, the program related to the

    LIV is different to the program related to the FI.

    Due to technical reasons, the program SAPLMR1M need the customizing

    correction included in the note 29401.


    (Although the correction of the note 373587 is not relevant

    for some releases anymore their information about the required settings

    in customizing is still valid for higher releases.)


    This is standard system design and there is no other way to avoid

    error messg FS215.


    Please kindly change your customizing as suggested

    in note 29401 and retest the scenario.


    Kind regards,

    Fernando Evangelista