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Master data and Transaction data question

Kanthi Adapa
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Hi all,


I am a newbie to sap bi and have the following question about master data and transaction data.


In a hypothetical scenario where:


master data table contains the following fields: cust_id, cust_name, cust_phone.


transaction data table contains the following fields: cust_id, cust_purchaseamount


I understand that master data is loaded less frequently and the transaction data is loaded frequently.


I am trying to load Master data first and for that I am creating separate info objects for cust_id, cust_name, cust_phone. I also understand the process to load master data into the BI system by creating a datasource and all that.


My question here is, while loading the transaction data, do I create a separate infoobject for cust_id or do I use the one that I created for loading the master data.?


If I have to use the same one as one created for master data, will its datasource not be mapped to master data?

If I have to create a new infoobject for cust_id, how will the link be established between this and the infoobject created for master data?


I sincerely appreciate any help in this matter.....