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Client import with profile "SAP_USER" is very long ?

Daniel Desmoyers
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In our operating mode of validation system refresh, we use an export of users+profiles (SCC8 and SAP_USER profile) made on pre-refresh step ... And the we import this "SAP_USER" export with STMS (and the post import with SCC7 transaction).


We have 8300 users ...

Import with STMS take 02h30

Post import (SCC7) take 00h30


The export of the client is very quick ...


It will be very usefull for us if the import could be faster ... Is there a problem with this duration ?

Is there some actions that can improve performance ?


Thanks by advance for any helps,



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    Hi Daniel,


    Maybe these Note can help you.


    Note 520592 - ConnTrans - Poor performanace during Import


    Good Luck.



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    Orkun Gedik
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    Hi Daniel,


    I assume that your are running on Oracle RDBMS. Please check the items, below;


    1) Missing indexes: Actually, it may lead performance problems while reading the data, but in this case, you should check it,


    2) Number of customer indexes: If a table has many more indexes, it may lead long runtimes for DML statements. For the instance, you may face with a performance problem, while updating indexes. Under this circumstance, you may check which table is causing long run-time, during your import process,


    3) Wrong statistics on your tables,


    4) Small rollback segments.


    As an additioanl info, you can check "Note 68896 - R3trans: Performance problems and cluster" on SAP Marketplace.


    Best regards,


    Orkun Gedik

    Senior SAP Netweaver and Development Consultant

    SAP Technical Architect

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    Indo Farm
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    Hi Experts,

    i have facing poor performance problem in sql 2000, during the client import process. log size increase very rapidly and db server not able to backup and truncate these logs in time. do to this problem log partition fill up and import process fails. i also tried to put db in simple recovery model but in this logs are increasing.

    here also same situation arose, i also tried to shrink logfile but it not help too much.


    Can i import the sap profiles in several time despite the importing the SAP_ALL in once without loosing the data in target client.






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    Siddhesh Ghag
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    Hello Daniel,


    Please check notes:


    Note 86535 - tp/R3trans: Splitting large exports

    Note 68896 - R3trans: Performance problems and cluster


    The 2nd note describes, how Import performance can be improved by preemptively deleting selected data from target client before import starts.


    One key point described in SAP Note 68896 is the following:


    "When importing, R3trans attempts to merge the table entries transported with the existing ones in memory and to only write the changed table entries. To do this, all entries from the logical tables must be read and expanded, requiring considerable resources. The strategy of only writing back changed records, in order to avoid database accesses is less effective for cluster tables, as a change to the logical table entry suffices to force the physical table entry to be written back to the database. A previous deletion of the physical clusters can significantly improve the speed of this."


    Hope that helps.