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0PUR_O02 Transformation Routines Issue

Shahzad Khero
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Hello BI Experts,


I have a problems for the Purchasing DSO 0PUR_O02. DSO 0PUR_O01 is providing the data to 0PUR_O02.

There are four datasources for 0PUR_O01:

1: 2LIS_02_ITM (X Records)

2: 2LIS_02_SCN (0 Records)

3: 2LIS_02_SGR (X Records)

4: 2LIS_02_CGR (0 Records)


All 4 Data Sources have been converted from 3.x to 7. There are many routines associated with these datasources which are updating the fields in 0PUR_O01. The data is accurately updating the 0PUR_O01 Data Source.


Issue: But the data from 0PUR_O01-->0PUR_O02 is not updating the fields in the Target DSO because the 7.0 flow Transformation is missing the routines available in the 3.x Update Rule.


Kindly tell me what to do. Do i revert back to the old 3.x dataflow for all the datasources?




Shahzad Khero

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    Jaya Tiwari
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    Hi ,


    Some key points :

    1. load data  using a data transfer process.for the data flow between two InfoProviders data transfer process is sufficient.

    2.If you want to use routines in the rules, you might have to edit the transformation manually.

    3.If you have already converted the update rules, a converted version of  InfoSource exists.

    4.for Editing Transformations :  Routines are copied straight to the global part  , Using a PERFORM, the routine for the converted rule is called from the routine for the transformation.Comments on the conversion are retained in the routines. You can use these comments to modify the routine to improve performance.


    Please go through this link this will tell you proper approach to do so :






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    jitendra kumar
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    Hi Shahzad,


    As you mentioned that you have converted all the data sources from 3.x to 7.0  and data is coming properly till first level DSO.

    After this data is not loading to second level DSO.

    You have to create transfromation for this.

    Follow below steps:

    1: Right click on the transfer rule -> additional Function and click on create transformation.

    2:Then popup will come, select Copy Info source 3.x to new InfoSource. then click on ok.

    3: Now provide information abt new InfoSource and activate it.

    4:Now goto InfoSource in RSA1 and select new InfoSource(Just now we created).

    5:Now open transfer rule and activate it.

    6: After activation of transfer rule  you will get tranformation

    7: After this use this trensformation for loading data.


    hopefully  this will help you...