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Lock Table Overflow

Eduardo Campos
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SAP 4.7 6.20 - Windows Server 2008 - Oracle 10g


I have many error messages in tx sm21 :


GEG Lock Table Overflow

GEA Internal lock administration error

GZZ EqSetCluster() ; rsc=16 enxxmenq1905


The error happens countinuasly for 8-9-10 minutes and then everything returns to normal.

No dumps in st22, but some jobs lose the schedule. I need to reschedule some of them.


I was informed by some consultants that the transaction VT02N is using an average of 28500 lock entries by user.

The value of the parameter enque/table_size is 30000.

But the consultants say that we should not increase this value.

Because VT02N has a lot of customizations here, we should investigate the program.


I had never seen this error before, so I need some help to understand the situation better.

I've already read a lot of ducumentation and the more I read the more I get confused.

1) What kind of lock is that ? There is not so many lock messages in tx sm12. And there is nothing in tx db01.

2) What kind of mistake could someone do in a program / exit / include to produce these errors ?

3) How could I discover if a program is really producing so many locks ?


Thanks in advance,



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    Sunny Pahuja
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    Lock table overflow generally occurs because of following reasons:


    The maximum number of locks in the lock table is subject to an upper limit that is set by the profile parameter enque/table_size. The profile parameter enque/table_size determines the size of the lock table in KBs. You can use transaction SM12 -> "Extras" -> "Statistics" to determine both the maximum number and current number of entries.

    The lock table may overflow if:



    • the lock table configuration is too small



    • an application sets lots of locks



    • the update hangs and, as a result, numerous locks inherited by the update task exist


    So, now you have to troubleshoot why this is getting overflow so frequently.




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      Eduardo Campos
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      Hi Sunny,


      My problem seems to be the transaction VT02N which has a lot of customization...


      When a transaction has performance problems I go to ST05 in order to check the SQL commands.


      But I don't have any reference about how to check lots of locks generated by a transaction...


      Could you please give me some clues about how to troubleshoot locks ?


      Thanks in advance,