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Pending Orders Report

Ahsan Rizvi
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Dear Expert


We are into manufacturing industry & my M.D. wants to see All pending orders value-wise with Sub-Total and Grand-Total.


How can we export All pending orders in Microsoft Excel.


Anyone can help me to complete this task, as I am a Technical Consultant(BASIS) & I am not sure how to start this task.


Thanks in Advance.




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    Venkatesh Yogesh
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    Create a query using table T16FS and EKKO.


    Join the table and use the fields release codes and release stratergy from table T16FS as inputs to extract the unreleased  PO's and its values.

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      Ahsan Rizvi
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      Hi Venkatesh,


      Thanks for your reply


      Can you help me how to select fields to get the desired result?


      I will be very thankful to you for all your help.






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        Venkatesh Yogesh
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        I believe  you are looking for a report to see the pending orders which are not approved.


        If So,


        Use transction SQVI to create a query.


        1.Join the tables T16FS and EKKO.


        2.Link the fileds Release groups and Release stratergy of both the tables T16FS and EKKO.Then come back from that screen.


        3.There will b 2 coloumns with list fields and selection fileds.


        Flag the selection fields indicator for release codes which you want to use as input parameter to extract the other details like PO,value etc.


        4.In the list coloumn select the fields which you want to extract.


        then execute you will get a screen where you need to input the Release code and execute it.


        Then the output with the fields choosen will be displayed,Which you can download it to excel.

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    Senthil Palaniyandavan
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    Hi There


    I hope you are referring the Open POs as Pending orders,,do the following to get the details,,  (If not you can use the previous posting,,,)


    1.T Code: Me2m

    2.Provide the selection parameters & F8

    3.You will get the list of POs with open qty values

    4.List-Export-Sreadsheet-Download it to desktop



    hope it helps




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    Deepak Kulkarni
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    Hi dear,

    Hope with pending POs u are reffering to Open PO.

    U can use ,ME2L,ME2M,ME2N enter selection parameter as WE101 along with plant if required you can enter document date also to get the open POs in perticular period and execute the report.

    Once the report is executed click on local file icon (controlshiftF9) -> Select option of spread sheet -> Then give the required location and file name for the data.

    Thus u will get the data in excel.You can set the total and subtotal options in excel as well as in SAP once the report is executed.


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    Dishant Mistry
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    T code ME2L



    Scope of List :  ALV

    Selection Parameters: WE101

    Document Date: From To To Date


    You get all open PO spread sheet to Excel.