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Dear Experts,


I hvae a problem on Depreciation.


we need to do the below steps for new fiscal year


          1. need to run repeart for 2009 fiscal year


          2. close asset fiscal year


          3. Open new fiscal year for Asset.


While doing AJRW for Asset fiscal year change for 2011 system is giveing the message plsease close the 2009 fiscal year.  while closin the asset fiscal year through AJAB, system showing some of the assets are not deprecated in the fiscal year 2009 and also system suggesting to run repeat run for 2009 thorugh AFAB.


but here the problem is client is closed there books for 2009 fiscally. if we do repeat run system is posting the amounts against dep.accounts.  client is not accepting to hit the GL accounts because they are already closed the books for 2009.


In this scenario how to run repeate run without effecting GL Accounts.


kindly suggest valuable suggestions to overcome this issue.


thanks & regards,


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    Bernhard Kirchner
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    The situation is easy to explain. The solution is not that simple, I'm sorry:


    1) You can not open the fiscal year 2011 until 2009 is closed because it is only allowed to have max 2 fiscal years open


    2) You can not close 2009 until depr. is not completely posted.


    3) You can not post the depreciation if GL is closed.


    4) I'm sorry it is not allowed to close general ledger before subledgers. This is one of the basic rules in financial accounting.


    Note 619969 explains:                                                                               


    Fiscal year you try to close in FI-AA has already been closed in FI-G/L  

    Posting to the already closed fiscal year would cause a different        

    balance in G/L. This is not acceptable. As a general rule,               

    fiscal year must be closed for all the Subledgers (including FI-AA)      

    before closing the fiscal year in FI-G/L. This is one of the main        

    Accounting Principles, and must always be known by users before          

    proceeding to the fiscal year closure, as this incorrect handling can    

    lead to serious inconsistencies in the G/L balance.                      



    5) The recommended solution : Re-open fiscal year in FI-GL (txn OB52)                           

    and follow the steps from note 619969                                                                               

    o  RAAFAR00                                                                 

    o  RAPOST2000                                                               

    o  RAPERB2000                                                               

    o  RAJABS00                                                                               

    The not recommended solution : If it is not possible to open the fiscal year in GL (because for example audit has  already been completed:) there is a workaround which is not quite correct from the legal  side. The report RACORR20_A from note 29694 simpy makes "planned = posted".             


    best regards Bernhard

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    Ryszard Belec
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    Have you solved problem?