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DB2 Backup/Restore

Shion Kubota
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Hi All,


I am new to DB2. I need your help for taking backup

Currently we are doing Backup/Restore from R/3PRD(existing system) to R/3QAS(new system).


Source System

OS:Windows 2003 (exsiting PRD)

DB:DB2 8.2 FixPack12



Target System

SID:P5J(Newly developed QAS)

OS:Windows 2003

DB:DB2 8.2 FixPack12



We proceed steps as followings;

1.In source system, DB online back up

>db2 backup db P5J online to z:\temp compress


2. In source system, create script to restore

>E:\usr\sap\P5J\SYS\exe\run-640\brd6brt -s P5J -bm RETRIEVE -replace



3. In target system, install SAP(CI/DB)


4. DB restore from script


5. DB rollforward

>db2 rollforward db k5j to end of logs

error: SQL4970 An error occurred while accessing object "0".


An error keeps me telling "Node 0 dosent contain log file.

Rollforward recovery of DB"K5J" is failed. "


We got an error at No.5...


Something worng with these steps?


Please let me know where to put log files.

Maybe it is not correct...


Please, Please somebody help me.





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    Masako Konno
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    Assuming you're performing system copy by using db2 backup/restore method.

    If you would like to take a complete set of (online) backup image which you can restore, rollforward and bring the db into consistent state, you can use "INCLUDE LOGS" option of db2 backup command.

    The backup image would include the range of log files required to restore and roll forward this image to some consistent point in time with this option.


    On the other hand, you can specify a path to be searched for required logs during recovery. There's an option "OVERFLOW LOG PATH" for rollforward command.


    For the complete syntax, please refer to DB2 information center.





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    Shion Kubota
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    Hi Masako,


    Thank you for your positing.

    We almost solved the problem.

    It was due to broken back up files but your answer helps me a lot.