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planned order

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can we merge diferent planned order into one production order.




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    Hi ,


    Need more specific information before i can tell you the more accurate solution.


    Basically Based on your situation to "merge" should be possible. Depend on after MRP run the result of planned order you wish to "merge" or 2 particular planed order you want to "merge".


    Let me give you some idea of the "merge" you referring here. 

    1) After MRP Run - If you wish to merge , you should control by using the lot size in the material master MRP1 view to combine planned orders.


    2) Manually without MRP run - If 2 planed order , you just need to change one ofthe planed order quantity and delete another plan order.


    Example there's 2 Planed order , Planed order A - Quantity 500 , Planned Order B - Quanity 500.

    You just need to change the quantity in planed Order A to 1000 and delete the planned order B.


    Hope to help you.