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Service Entry sheet - Delivery Charges

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Hi Experts,


As per SAP note 381030 Delivery charges are not supported for service PO (item category - 'D')

and Blanket PO (Item category - 'B').


But one of the client which is running on ECC 6.0,  I am able to see accounting entries

for delivery charges to frieght account after SES acceptance.


How could it be possible? Have you come across such cases?


Please throw your valuable inputs




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    The Note 381030 describes generally not to use delivery costs concept for purchase orders.  It will not behave properly as like for material procurements. 


    Please check whether service entry sheet is done for the PO line item which was created separately with the freight GL.



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    Bijay Kumar Barik
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    1st one need to understand why to use/maintain Delivery charges in service procurement!


    When Vendor provides service to you, you use service master(AC03), create service PO & maintain service tax in the service PO, then SES & invoice verification & finally payment to vendor.


    When you are providing service to your customer , you can use material type DIEN & create material( MM01) for service & try to use/maintain tax indicator. Then create sales order with service material created with material type DIEN & then bill to customer for service provided by creating a Bill & the receive the payment customer.


    In service procurement, you need to create a service master(AC03) , you need to enter valuation class & in OBYC, you just assign need to assign GR/IR Clearing (service) with G/L account only & remember that no valuation class for service assignment requires here in OBYC for service.


    Service order or purchase order created with Acc. assignment ' K' and Item category 'D' , the system automatically pick UOM is "1" activity unit in Item Overview and in item details you need to maintain the service master ,UOM, quantity & price /unit and then G/L account with cost center .


    During SES(ML8N), you are just recognizing vendor performed service where you can have cost object(cost center) with service master with quantity etc.....No FI document created after creating/maintaining the Service Entry Sheet in ML81N but once you release the Service Entry Sheet, then only FI document created.


    If GR valuated for service procurement: You will have accounting entries:

    During SES release:

    Service account: Dr

    GR/IR(service) :Cr


    During IR

    GR/IR(service) :Dr

    Vendor A/C: Cr

    Service tax A/C: Dr




    Biju K

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    Nilesh Fursule
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    In this case you need to create two service lines in Po. First one for original service and another one for tkts. This will be against the same vendor so dosent matter if its separate delivery charge or separate line item as service charge.