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Problem when printing Thai Characters in Smartform

khushboo dand
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Hi All,


When printing thai characters in smartform it takes more spaces between characters than required. I tried all possible font to adjust the character spacing.


Can anyone help me out.



Khushboo Dand

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    Jagannath Jadhav
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    Hi Khushboo,


    Did you resolve your issue I am facing similar kind of problem also when the PDF document is generated (downloaded to PC) the thai script is shown as tiny box.

    1. Thai language on the document takes lot of spaces

    2. When download the document the thai script is shown as boxes.


    Please share your experience if you were able to resolve this.



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    Mohammad Harish
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    Hi Kushboo,


       Try in a different way. Save the text u want to print  in

    SO10 and then include it from smartforms.


      In new text created in smartforms-> general attributes->Text type=include text--> paste the name of the text saved in s010.

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    Charu Borkar
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    Dear Khushboo, Jag


    I have observed that tThe tiny boxes that are appearing in the Smartform text element is only occuring when you are printing a variable whose content is thai and nothing else with that. by nothing else i mean no THAI hardcoded text.

    if you try and check you will observe that when you try to print something like this in your Text element

    with your paragraph format alright/ output device and device type everythng in place



    ของผู้มีเงินได้ &G_VAR& -

    is printing alright : content of G_VAR is thai characters


    but if you are printing just the variable


    &G_VAR& --- it will print boxes


    to overcome this after trying no.of checks / online helps / settings etc etc which , ofcourse, did not help

    I did a lil bit trick with the system


    You can create a character format in your smartstyle with FONT : THANGSAN and maintain the COLOR as white

    now go to your text element key in a THAI character at the start or end of you variable and assign your new character format to that character. and Eureka! it will work

    eg: <CF> ข </>  &G_VAR&  - --- seen in your change editor


    where CF is the new "colorless" character format I have asked you to create.


    Thanks and Regards,



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