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Digital Signature in Form 16

Santosh Rajam
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I want to apply Digital Signature in Form16.  Like to know from the formum the steps to implement the digital signature.  We are currently on the SP68. 


Please guide me to implement the Digital Signature in Form 16.


Awaiting for favourable reply




S J Rajam

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    Raghavendra CK
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    Check with following note :


    Note 1571048 - Issues related Form 16 format for year 2010-11


    Please check for the other note's in the Service Market Place.



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    Ankit Vasavada
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    Start you thing with this note.


    for ECC6.0 you have to Upgrade the Patch with HRSP67. and you have to configure the ADS in your JAVA stack server for that your Basis Person will Help.




    It is now permitted to use Digital Signature on Form 16. Current Form 16

    print program does not support this functionality.


    Important Note:

    This Note contains corrections to digitally sign Form 16 in Adobe output technology. It is currently applicable for SAP Release ECC 6.00 only.

    Reason and Prerequisites

    Supporting a business practice which is approved by legal notification




    How to apply the Note:

    This Note requires manifold changes. These changes will be part of next HRSP (SP 31) planned for Release ECC 6.00. Alternatively, you can perform following steps to get the changes in the system:

    1. Pre-requisites:

                  Ensure that you have performed following steps prior to applying this Note:

    a) Uploading a digital signature in the system:

                           You obtain your credentials and the corresponding public keys (as part of a certificate) for certifying and signing from a certification authority. Steps to install these credetials is explained at following URL:

                           http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/en/db/ aafb211ead420faeeaa24e99eb5f41/frameset.htm

                           Further information on digital signature can be found at:

                           http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/46/ 1ca382f3ec5873e10000000a11466f/frameset.htm

                           Refer to "Adobe Document Services Configuration Guide".

                           Important Note:

                           Currently this solution supports single digital signature at a time. In case you have more than one digital signature uploaded in the system, currently Form 16 will be signed with "Default" digital signature only. In case there is only one digital signature uploaded in the system, it is automatically considered as "Default" digital signature.

    b) Create connection between ADS (Adobe Document Services) and R/3 system:

                           In this step you need to create a connection in the R/3 system to ADS. This can be done through transaction 'SM59' --> connection type 'G' (HTTP Connection to External Server).

                           It is recommended that you create this connection with 'RFC Destination' name as 'ADS_HTTPS'. Please refer to information in "New fields on Selection Screen" section below for further details.

    2. Implement .SAR file attached to the Note:

                  The attachment can be downloaded from this note as described in Notes 480180 and 13719. The file is SAPCAR file. The software to download the files can be found in the SAP service marketplace. The filename of the attachment is: Form16_DIGSIG.SAR

    3. Apply correction instructions attached to the Note:

                  As a third step, implement the correction instructions attached to this Note through 'SNOTE' transaction.


    New fields on Selection Screen of Form 16 print program:

    Four new fields are added on the selection screen of Form 16 print program (Transaction: PC00_M40_F16). Following is information about the same:

    1. Enable Digital Signature:

                  Select this field when you want to generate digitally signed Form 16 and Form 12BA. Requirement for this is above mentioned three steps.

                  When you select this option, "Print Preview" of the forms cannot be seen. It supports only two output options as of now:

    a) Download Forms on local file system:

                           This option allows you to download Form 16, Form 12BA and Annexure to Form 16 on local file system. Files are generated with Personnel Number as part of the name for easy identification.

    b) Send the forms to employees as e-Mail attachments:

                           This option allows you to send Form 16, Form 12BA and Annexure to Form 16 to employees directly to their e-Mail address. For this, e-Mail address of the employee should be maintained in Communication Infotype (IT 0105) E-mail Subtype (0010). System will send three separate e-Mails to the employee with three individual forms - Form 16/Form 16AA, Form 12BA and Annexure to Form 16.

                  Important Note:

                  If you do not select "Enable Digital Signature" option, then system will display "Print Preview" of the forms, as per current behavior.

    2. Send Form 16 as Mail Attachment:

                  As explained above, on selecting this option generated digitally signed forms will be sent to employees on their e-Mail addresses configured in the system. This happens when you select "Print Form" option from the application toolbar of the program output screen.

                  If this option is not selected, generated digitally signed forms will not be sent to employees on their e-Mail address. Forms can still be downloaded on the local file system using below mentioned option.

    3. Folder Path to Download Form 16:

                  You should enter a folder path in this field. As explained above, on entering the folder path, generated digitally signed forms will be downloaded to the folder name specified in this field. This happens when you select "Print Form" option from the application toolbar of the program output screen.

                  If this field is left blank, forms will not be downloaded on the local file system. Forms can still be sent to employees on their e-Mail address using above option.

    4. ADS Connection Name:

                  Enter name of HTTP Connection created to External Server for ADS. You have created this connection in step 2 above, as explained under Prerequisites section.

                  Default connection used by the solution is "ADS_HTTPS". Hence if you have created the connection with this name, you can leave this field blank.




    Ankit Vasavada