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jagadeesh malla
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Hi Guys,


when i am executing a zreport from foreground its working fine.Bur when i execute the same program in background the jod is not getting executing .I am getting an error message like---



09.05.2011     09:53:10     Job started

09.05.2011     09:53:10     Step 001 started (program ZBGHR_APR2011_MAINT, variant &0000000000039, user ID ******)

09.05.2011     09:53:10     Unable to initialise ABAP Control Framework ...

09.05.2011     09:53:10     Spool request (number 0000036474) created without immediate output

09.05.2011     09:53:10     Only inconsistent rows will be updated

09.05.2011     09:53:10     Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE


I kept breakpoint at this functionmodule  -- 'SAPGUI_SET_FUNCTIONCODE' . here i am facing this problem the message is getting populated here.Can u tell me how to avoid this error,and to run my backgroung job sucessfully.


can u plz explain me y i am facing this error.PLZ


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    Sudarsan Dande
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       The function module is used in the foreground. but cannot work in background. Bypass the FM in background using sy-batch and check







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      jagadeesh malla
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      Hi Dande,

      Thanks for ur immediate  reply.The solution u gave waorked .but the job is getting concelled.In my custom selection screen i am having a checkbox FIX ALL. if i check it and run the report in backgroung its throughing an error like "job concelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE". If i run the same report without check the job is succesfull. I just want to find where that message is getting populated .Please can u help how to go to that message directly in my report.Please ........


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    Sampath Adavelly
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    Ummm.. read the function module documentation





    Short Text

    Set a function code and continue processing



    This module simulates user input in the command field. This enables you to run screen sequences without user input.



    This is for foreground and when you run the program in background, you will not have access to control framework.


    As someone said in earlier post, use SY-BATCH to find out if it is running in background then by-pass this code