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select option in smartforms

sanket sagar
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I am new to smartforms and i need to show range of dates in smartforms.

I am trying in driver prog. n i got correct data in final internal table but cant

fetch correct data using fm in driver prog.

Thank You...

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    Dhinathayalan N
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    1 Create a Structure ZSELECTION in SE11 with following fields





    This structure is similar to the selection-option internal table.


    2 In smart form u2018ZSELECT_FORMu2019, create an entry in to TABLES in the Form Interface.


    3 Define Structures in TYPES tabs in GLOBAL DEFINITIONS

    4. Do the global declartation


    5 go to mainwindow

    create-->Flow logic -

    > program lines


    The PERNRS given in the select-option in the driver program is captured in T_SELECT. In program lines, T_SELECT is input to SELECT query and the results are captured in internal table T_0002. We have to mention resulted internal table T_0002 in output parameters for further use.


    loop the internal table


    wite the printporam