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Balance carry forward in FI-SL

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Hi All,

I  created a group of table in FI-SL with ledger and transfer of zones and so on. Now, I will like initialized this ledger with the carryforward of balance of GL.


Which transaction have I to use to carry out the carryforward of balance GL and to recover it in FI-SL ?


I tried F.16 with fiscal year 2011 but without subsequent effect in FI-SL. So I execute the SAPF011 but with the same result, anything in FI-SL.


For information, when I post a document in FI-GL I find it in FI-SL. When I carry on the RGUREC10 with all FI document of 2010, that works. But when I execute the balance carry forward in FI-GL, it doesn't work.


Do I execute GVTR transaction to have carry forward in FI-SL ?



Thank you for any help to resolve my problem.