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Automatic creation of purchase info record

sunny rao
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Hi friends


I could not find check box in RFQ (ME41!N)or in Quotation (ME47N) for updating/automatic creation of purchase info record.




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    Divya Venkatasalam
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    Goto "Maintian Quotation" screen using ME47. Provide the Quotation Number and go to the 'Item details' of the particular material which u want to create Purchase Info record automatically. You will find the Info Update indicatior in the "Quotation Data" tab. Check the indicator.




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    In ME47 enter the quote no,press enter,Next to the printer icon there is icon in Blue & yellow click that.In quotation data there is check box for Info updation

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    Bijay Pradhan
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    you can maintain the info update for the required quotation through ME47.choose the required line item and click on the "item detail" icon and put the necessary value for info update:


    1-     No update

    2-A     Update with or without plant

    3-B     Update with plant (if no plant ban)

    4-C     Update without plant (if no plant requirement)



    Indicator: Update Info Record

    Determines whether:


    The purchasing info record for this vendor and material is to refer to this PO item, and

    The item is to be valid for the entire purchasing organization or just for the plant.


    The indicator determines which prices and conditions are suggested in future PO items.


    Prices and conditions can apply to an entire purchasing organization or to a single plant within a purchasing organization.


    For example, if you create a purchase order for a plant for which an info record has been defined at plant level, the purchase order is based on the conditions in the plant info record and not on the conditions that apply to the purchasing organization.



    Enter the relevant plant key:




    Updating of the document number is effected at plant level as long as there is a purchasing info record at plant level. Otherwise the document number is updated at purchasing organization level.




    Updating is effected at plant level if plant conditions are allowed for the plant.




    Updating is effected without plant data if plant conditions are not necessary for the plant.



    The level at which updating of the document number may be effected is defined for each plant.


    Hope this will clarify your query.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Bijay Pradhan