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Suman Chakravarthy K
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Hi Experts,


We have certain extractors run by delta. But I could see only extractor in RSA7 t-code. I really don't understand about others why are not appearing in delta queue. What is the main purpose of t-code RSA7 and the kind of Activities it does?




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    MuraliManohar Shanmugam
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    Hi Suman,


    RSA7(R/3) will show the delta queues for all datasources in the same source system.

    For eg. Datasources in R/3 will have their delta queues in R/3 and

    hence these will be displayed in RSA7 in R/3.



    You can create your own custom datasources

    based on some infoproviders in BW itself,

    you can consider the example of the BW statistics, the source system is BW itself.

    Therefore the delta queues are in BW itself.

    Therefore these delta queues would be displayed in the RSA7 transaction in BW.


    Use,Function,Activities, of Delta Queue:





    Hope it helps you.


    Thanks and Regards,


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    Asap aa
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    Hello  Suman ,

                              Well the major purpose of the t-code RSA7 is to maintain the BW delta queuie, it will generally show the status and the data source  having the delta mode active .


    Second you have to first check the data source in the delta mode whcih are not getting populated in the RSA7 t-code .

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    Asap aa
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    Next , i m mentioning one scenario regarding your problem , with this u can easiy get the solution of ur problem ,

    C first after replicating the data source in the BW side , at the infopackage level , go in the update tab , there first if u r selecting the Full load then execute then the same data source cant be populated in the RSA7 t-code , but next to this If u again go to the update tab , n now select the "initialization without data transfer " by this in the future  when ever any new record come in the R/3 side , it will then get proccesed to the BW side by the Delta ,now after activaing the infopackage u can b able to see the data souce in RSA7 .

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    Debanshu Mukherjee
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    Hi Suman,


    As rightly pointed out, the datasource needs to be initialized first to set teh delta flag in RSA7.

    Now there are 2 kinds of datasources: One that suports delta and other that supports only FULL. For the latter, there won't be any entry in RSA7.