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License upgrade program for demo NSP version

Kong Hing Chan
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My NSP 2004 preview has expired and I requested a new license from the website. I got the email with a new license. But when I tried to update the license, I got the following error. What is wrong? Urgent, please help.


C:\usr\sap\NSP\DVEBMGS00\exe>saplicense -install HFKOTJYWCWA9DPVZPZ7N8YB1


      • SAPLICENSE (Release 700) ERROR ***

    ERROR:   Can not set DbSl trace function

    DETAILS: DbSlControl(DBSL_CMD_IMP_FUNS_SET) failed with return code 20

    RC-INFO: error loading dynamic db-library - check environment for:

             dbms_type = <db-type>  (e.g. ora)

             DIR_LIBRARY = <path to db-dll>  (e.g. /usr/sap/SID/SYS/exe/run)




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    Rich Heilman
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    Try using the SLICENSE transaction code.  It should work. 


    If you can not get onto the system, set your system date back to a date when the license was valid.  Start the engine,  log on,  go to transactoin SLICENSE, apply the new license,  log off, change system date back to current date, and re-start engine.



    Rich Heilman

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    Peter Inotai
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    You can use SLICENSE in ABAP, however for me it started to hang.

    Or use command prompt in the name of nspadm and type saplicense -install WITHOUT the install key. You have to enter the license key in the coming dialog.


    I found my notes for WA1, but it's the same for NSP.


    C:MiniWAS>saplicense -show
    LICENSE system: MBS hardware key: TEMPLICENSE expiration_date: 20020809
            installation no: INITIAL    key: O98ZY6MRKRCJRUXOQOLTLW58
            userlimit: 0 productid: R3_ADA
            system-nr: INITIAL_SYSTEM_IDX
            *** license expired ***
    LICENSE system: WA1 hardware key: TEMPLICENSE expiration_date: 20030814
            installation no: INITIAL    key: HOZTCS3MGTGACLWOQCI249KU
            userlimit: 0 productid: R3_ADA
            system-nr: INITIAL_SYSTEM_IDX
            *** license useable ***
    C:MiniWAS>saplicense -get
    saplicense: HARDWARE KEY = F1500206791
    C:MiniWAS>saplicense -install
    Specify your SAP System ID:
    Specify your unique System idenfification:
    If you have no systemnumber specified just press enter.
    Set unique System-ID to INITIAL_SYSTEM_IDX
    Specify your hardware key:
    HARDWARE KEY = F1500206791
    Specify your installation number:
    Specify your expiration date:
    Specify your license key:
    LICENSE_KEY   1...5....0....5....0...4
    saplicense: License successfully installed



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    Edith Nickel
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