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Start date for ordinary depreciation of asset settled from AuC

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Using ECC 6 version trying to understand the trigger to start of ordinary depreciation of an asset settled from a WBS / AuC investment measure.  Also to stop the smoothing effect of missed depreciation months over the remaining life of the asset.  Instead, want the missed months to book entirely in first AFAB run to the open month.


Observed that the "Capitalized on" date in asset master data was manually input when asset created, and so this date is different from the "First acquisition on" date in master data which fed from the Project System settlement program's Asset Value Date.  If both fields had been empty beforehand, the Asset Value Date would have populated them both.  But only the "First acquisition on" date was populated due to manual setting of the "Capitalized on" date.  The two dates are separated by two interim months.


When depreciation was run, it did NOT catch up previous months in the current year back to the "Capitalized on" date.  I had expected catch-up to post all months to the current month open.  Instead, smoothing over the remaining life started.


The first day of the month from the "Capitalized on" date shows as the "ODep Start" and "Ord. deprec. start" dates on their respective asset master data tabs DEPREC. AREAS and PARAMETERS.  First-day-of-the-month convention.  The first period to receive posted AFAB was the only open period, the one with the settlement Asset Value Date passed.


Advice received that depreciation can be set to catch up the interim months and post all to open month during the first AFAB versus smoothing the interim months over the life of the asset.  The advice is to verify the Period Control behind the Depreciation Key using AFAMP and mainly just to remove the Smoothing indicator in OAYR for the company code.  Is there anything more to do?  Thank you.


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