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cost center hierarchy

smriti singhal
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Hi Experts


I have to migrate CO sets from one system to another.

For this what should I use?

While searching for options I found this....How appropriate is this for my case.


Extraction logic


Depending on the structure of the group (hierarchic or not), the data needs to be extracted into a level table or a parent child table file.


Programs/ functions to be used:



BAPI functions:








SO what should I use, Bapi or program. Can somebody also explain what exactly is this program doing.


Thanks in advance

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    Ajay Maheshwari SAP Trainer
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    Hi Smriti


    Welcome to SDN


    Why dont you just ask the user to export and import it.... Go to KSH3 -> ENter the Hierarchy -> from the menu options you can export it to a txt file


    Now create the Group in Target client from KSH1 and SAVE... Then import the File into target client from same menu option.... All the hierarchy gets imported


    You can also transport them using OKE5 transaction code


    br, Ajay M

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    Waman Shirwaicar
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    Please review the note 101041.

    Also please check the following information regarding the cost center hierarchy.


    Please notice that there are two check boxes in OKE6 inside the frame 'cost centers':

       o  standard hierarchy

       o  cost center groups


    Both types of groups are cost center groups (setclass '0101'). But for transport we difference between these both types:


    standard hierarchy: will be transport the standard hierarchy only for the corresponding controlling area cost center groups: will be transport all alternative groups, it means all cost center groups they are not a part of standard hieararchy


    You can check it in the used transport order request. Navigate to the transport order editor:

    There must be different entries, for instance

    R3OB SETS STAN\010100010001  for a standard hierarchy (setid behind '\')

                                 <0101><co area><name of top node>

    R3OB SETS STSD\01010001TEST  for a non-standard hierarchy group


    If you mark 'cost center groups' in OKE6 the system works as following:

    1. determine all cost center groups from the corresponding CO area

    2. reduce this amount to top nodes only

    3. create for each top node a entry in transport order request

       !!! exception: ignore the top node of standard hierachy !!!




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    smriti singhal
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    Thanks Ajay and Waman for your suggestion


    I have found a prgram RGSEXPH2 which exports the CO set groups from sap to presentation server which suits my requirement.

    The problem i am facing is which the input on selection screen, this program contains Group name as a parameter only where else I want a select-option for the groupname.

    In doing so I have make some changes in this program.

    I am stuck here.



    • Value request for group name



          class           = c_setclass

          set             = s_grpnam

          typelist        = 'BS'

          show_field_name = ' '

          show_table_name = ' '


          setid           = g_setid

          set_name        = s_grpnam.


    the program is giving a dump bcoz export paramter 'set' has compatibility issue.


    Can you help me with this.