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Access to SU01 with no authorization to the transaction

Ayax Morales
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I hava a user that was able to execute transaction SU01 even though he has no authorization to it, at least not directly, I do not know how he did it, this are the entries from sm20:


01.06.2011   16:10:36   UserX   userxlaptop   SU01   SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION   Start of transaction SU01 failed (Reason=6)

01.06.2011   16:10:42   UserX   userxlaptop   SE37   SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION   Transaction SE37 Started

01.06.2011   16:10:42   UserX   userxlaptop   SE37   RSFUNCTIONBUILDER     Report RSFUNCTIONBUILDER Started

01.06.2011   16:10:47   UserX   userxlaptop   SE37   RS_TESTFRAME_CALL     Report RS_TESTFRAME_CALL Started

01.06.2011   16:10:53   UserX   userxlaptop   SU01   RS_TESTFRAME_CALL     Transaction SU01 Started


I executed program RS_TESTFRAME_CALL but was not able to go to SU01 from there, does anybody know how was the access to SU01 possible?