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Consignment and non consignment material

sri kanth
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Hi All,

             I need to understand  and need help on below situation

I have Material A with below scenarios


Supplier 1 supplies it on Consignment

Supplier 2 supplies it on Non-Consignment


Is it possible to have this scenario,can we setup in this way


Thanks in Advance




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    Hi Balu,


    Yes, it is possible.

    For the Supplier 1, you can create the Consignment info record.

    For the Supplier 2, you can create the Standard info record or not (I do not know if your company is using standard info records).


    For the case of the Supplier 1, you need to update some information into SAP in order to work with the consignment process:


    - Consignment Info record with tax code and price.

    - Purchase order with item category "K".

    - MRKO for the invoice.


    And, this link can help you in order to understand more the process:




    Hope this help.


    Kind regards,


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    Pardeep Malik
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     Supplier 1 supplies it on Consignment


    Consigment means vendor material lying in your premises and ownership is of vendor and how much you use you have to pay.


    For Consigment, In material master maintain in MRP2,


    special procurement - 10


    then create info record in ME11. and maintain delivery days.


    Go to create PO with Item K .....


    When you receive material by MIGO with Movement type 101 K. it does not create any Accounting Document becasuse this stock is not in your inventory but it is still vender stock lying in your premises.


    now transfer stock(MB1B) to your stock for consumption with movement type 411 K then it will create a Accounting document.


    and pay the vender once or separte with MRKO while maintain CONS in MRM1.


    remember one thing more in MRM1 with KONS must miantain Communication as printer check box ticked.


    Now, In consumption, system picks the rate for material as you maintinted in ME11 for a particular time period.


    Supplier 2 supplies it on Non-Consignment


    Means Normal PO......


    maintain inforecord or not.


    if you want that PO created at the time of GR then you have to maintain inforecord standard.


    the cycle for automatic PO at time of GR


    1. Check the Auto PO option in VMR & MMR in Purchasing view.

    2. Maintain Purchase Info Record with Standard Purchase Organisation.

    3. Maintain the Source list.

    4. Define the default Values for Document type as "NB" for TC: MB01 - Menu Path:SPRO-IMG-MM-Purchasing-Define the default Values for Document type

    5. Maintained creation of automatic PO during good receipt for mov type 101 and 161.

    Menu path : MM -> Inventory Management -> Goods Receipt -> Create Purchase order Automatically -> Activate Auto PO creation for Mvt type 101 and 161.

    6. Maintain the Vendor field as mandatory for Mov type 101 and 161.

    7. Do the GR with TC MB01and Mov type 101 and post. In display Mat doc with TC MIGO, u will find the PO which was created automatically in Back ground.





    Pardeep malik

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    Niranjan Nagle
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    Adding to SANDRA PF post, you can create the source list for two vendors and fix one of the them if you want to use that in MRP. You can also make use of different validity periods and quota arrangement.





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