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Joe Pfender
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I am providing international logistics services to a customer who has embarked on a path towards the SAP Wholesale Distribution solution.  As an SAP novice I am trying to understand my role as a service provider in this new environment and how I might prepare for what's coming.  I have no previous experience with SAP.  Would appreciate any help/direction.




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    Welcome to SAP BPX/SDN! To best leverage the available information here is to take a look at the different areas like Wikis, Blogs, and Articles, as well as the Forum. Use the SEARCH function with some of your key words to find different areas that might also be of interest.


    There are a variety of different Forums dedicated to particular topics. This Forum is going to be focused on Organizational Change Management - what are the issues and strategies of getting the people aligned with the changes happening when new technologies or processes are introduced. Couldn't quite tell from your message if this was what you were looking for.  If you are looking for answers more specific on wholesale distribution, there probably will be other Forums that would be good for you to follow as well. There is not a Forum specific to Wholesale Distribution,


    As an example of other places in BPX to find information about Wholesale Distribution -  this link:

    Standards and Interoperability for Wholesale Distribution [original link is broken]


    Takes you to Standards and Interoperability for Wholesale Distribution.


    The SAP Service Marketplace has a whole section of best practices for Wholesale Distribution

    http://service.sap.com/bestpractices > Solution Details > Industry Solution Sets > SAP for Wholesale Distribution (you do need to be a registered user for the Service Marketplace)


    If you are new to SAP, I would highly recommend also becoming involved with the SAP User's Group. Since I saw you are located in the US that would be ASUG -




    To get the best response using the Forum, use a Subject Title that best reflects the issue you have. Take a second to use search or look through the Forum to see if a similar question has already has your answer.


    Hope this helps,