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FAGLFLEXT CJR2 GP12N planning data in FAGLFLEXT incorrect

Krushan Reddy
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We use CJR2 to upload planning data for Projects. This data automatically copies over to GP12N - which is what updates FAGLFLEXT.


Recently, when clearing the planning data from CJR2, which clears GP12N (setting all values to 0)... there was still values in FAGLFLEXT showing in our report painter report.


E.g. when setting CJR2 (and GP12N) planning data to 0 - our report shows 1 650.00


Whatever values you add in CJR2 (GP12N) gets added to the value that exists in FAGLFLEXT.


How do we clear the value in FAGLFLEXT. We're not sure how it got there... we only use CJR2 (and GP12N) for planning. Its possible the users accessed another planning transaction - but can anyone tell me what other transaction affect FAGLFLEXT when it comes to planning data?

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    Suresh Jayanthi
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    I am not sure, how the planning data hits the table FAGLFLEXT, but i think the following information would help you to come to a conclusion :

    Assuming that the totals in FAGLFLEXT are correct, you can consider deleting the plan line items through transaction GLDE by activating ONLY the flag 'Plan line items' in the section 'deletion scope'. Once all plan line items are deleted you can then recreate the missing plan line items via FAGLGCLE via activating 'update opening balance'. Then FAGLFLEXT and FAGLFLEXP would fit together again.


    Further, assuming that plan line items in FAGLFLEXP are correct, you could delete the totals through GLDE (activate only Totals in deletion scope) and then rebuild the totals out of the line items through report RGUREP01 (refer to SAP note 45747).


    It looks this issue has already been raised to SAP. I would also suggest you to wait for our colleagues to complete their investigation on this and look for their results.


    Thank you.