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Unit of measure EA allows transactions in decimals ? Is EA indivisible?

Mauricio Zamora
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Unit of measure EA allows transactions in decimals ? Is EA indivisible?


There are two scenarios. While creating a Bill of material - based on the configuration (see below) if you enter a quantity with decimals for a part number for which the Basic UOM is EA the system displays a message "Unit of measure EA does not support decimal places" THIS IS GOOD AS EXPECTED

While transacting using MB1B, MB1C, MB1A, MFBF, MIGO or other transactions the system DOES NOT check and it is currently allowing us to post with decimals (1.25, 1.312) for part number for which the unit of measure is EA.


Was not EA supposed to be an indivisible unit of measure? why is the warning message getting activated while creating or changing a BOM and why not while transacting stock?


We have configured EA in the CUNI transaction as follows:

Int. meas. unit      EA                                                  

Commercial           EA              each                               

Technical            EA              each                               

Decimal places                                                          

float. point exp.                                                                               

ISO code             EA            

                                      Primary code                       

Numerator            1                                                  

Denominator          1                                                  

Exponent             0                                                  

Additive constant    0.000000       X Commercial meas.unit               

Decimal pl. rounding                 Value-based commt                  

Unit of meas.family

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    Juergen L
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    you cannot restrict this behaviour with CUNI customizing, you can only check and stop this in a user exit.


    SAP inventory managment allows and stores 3 decimals for any unit of measure. You can only define how it will show the value to the users and how it will round the decimals if it calculates the conversion. But if you enter manually with decimals, then SAP will not round this.


    please read OSS Note 931971 - Decimal places in stocks and stock postings



    Note 77525 - Quantity unit conversion in inventory management