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ALE with Same Client

Rikin Surti
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Is it possible to use ALE with Same client...when PO created and send message to IDOC. Than come back the same client to create the SO? As i know, it is possible to go for another client or system. I am not sure is it possible in the same client and also any limition about this?


For eg:-

A purchase order is created in company code 1000.

Then using ALE,the system will generate an Idoc to transfer data to another company code 2000.And the system will generate corresponding CustmerOrder(SO) in company code 2000.

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    Jay Das
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    Configuring the ALE/Idoc scenerio for the same client is very much possible, because you would defining the same client/port but might used different message type. But so you think this will help you rather than that if the clinet is same rather than configuring the ALE/IDOC setting why not write a piece of ABAP code finding the proper USER EXIT/INCLUDE .i.e. when a PO is created with company code ABC then that USEREXIT will trigger which will send those data to another company code. The user exit can easily be identified by the functional guys.


    Mostly the ALE/Idocs scenerios are used when we have multiple clients or multiple system.


    Hope this helps.




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    Shabarish Vijayakumar
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    1. Either go for a user exit as mentioned in the earlier post.

    2. Else if you need them to be two different transactions via an interface using PI, this will be as any normal scenario (IDoc to IDoc)

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    Manuel Casotto
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    Yes, you are right.

    IDoc will be collected in status 64

    After that you should schedule a background job to process the Idocs and post the invoice to SAP.

    You can use program RBDAPP01