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Rajan Sharma
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Hi, What is the normal practice for DSO for 2LIS_11_VAITM? Should we create new DSO from scratch or should we used standard DSO like 0SD_O01?



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    Francisco Milán Campos
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    Hi SR:


    If you plan to use the 0SD_O01 DSO as delivered by SAP (I mean without customization) then the Best Practices documentation might be useful to you.


    To take a look at the preconfigured scenarios do the following:


    1. Open this URL: http://help.sap.com/bp_bw370/html/index.htm

    2. Click "Preconfigured Scenarios" link

    3. Click on the "Sales Analysis" link (on the "Customer Relationship Management" section)

    4. Click on the "B33: Delivery Service Analysis" link.

    5. Click on the "Configuration Guide" link.


    If the analysis requirements are not fully covered by the standard Business Content you can either modify the Standard Model or use it as a template to create your custom Model (better than starting from scratch).


    Here's another link that might be useful:


    Aggregation Order Item

    DataStore object: 0SD_O01






    Francisco Milán.


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