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List of companies Implemented SAP

mehdi lavasani
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I am looking for the list of companies implemented SAP or ERP in the UK or Europe, or USA. Can anybody help please?

I need this list for my project. I am using questionnaire and interview to validate my research. But I found it hard to find the list of companies . And it is harder to arrange for interview.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




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    Paul Hawking
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    Just some words of advice.  I have helped many students and staff with research in regards to enterprise systems and SAP.  You need to be careful using a survey. 


    You need to ask yourself the following questions:

    1.  How do I get a list of companies?

    2.  Do I care what the companies have implemented or how long have they been using SAP solutions.

    3.  Does it matter what culture they operate in?

    4.  Do they use a global template?

    5. Does size matter?

    6.  Does industry matter?

    7.  Who is best to answer the questions?

    8.  How can you ensure that they get the survey?

    9.  Do they have to speak to others to get the answers?


    All these factors have an impact on the success of the survey.  I usually suggest to researchers is to not use a survey or use the survey as guide for asking questions in an interview/case study.  If you can attend an industry event and ask the questions of the attendees at the event then you usually get more responses and richer responses.  At the sam time you may develop a relationship with some companies which you can conduct future resaerch with.


    Good luck


    Paul Hawking

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    Richard Blumberg
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    Hi! Here's a list of SAP ERP Reference Customers - http://www.sap.com/solutions/business-suite/erp/customers/index.epx


    Also here's a link to SAP User Groups - SAP User Groups


    Also...Paul has many good point in his response to you.


    People are very busy so you need to be extremely focused for any direct interviews or surveys.


    Alternatively, you could listen to on-line events and get feedback from the recordings - http://www.sap.com/community/index.epx


    Good luck!