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Rounding confirmation quantity

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I am trying to round down the ATP confirmation qunaity in order UOM in APO before publishing the result to ECC. Aprreciate quich input.

Following three didn't fit the requirements.

Rounding options:

1. via Packaging Specification


2. via rules based ATP - calculation profile (package size):


3. Rounding to Sales Units



We are looking for a solution for CRM ERP orders that would work for RBA and non RBA ATP checks.


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    Tibor Nagy
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    Dear Bijit,


    if the standard rounding functions in scm does not fit for you and you do not use SAP ECC Enterprise Extension Defense Forces & Public Security (EA-DFP) and if you nevertheless want to use a rounding function for the confirmed quantities, you can use the EXIT_SAPLATPC_002 function module as a user exit to change the result of the ATP check in ECC.




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    Michael Thinschmidt
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    Hi Bijit,

    Why does the packaging specifications do not fit your requirements ? They can be freely defined so they should fit in the most cases. Otherwise you can only use a userexit to implemt a rounding.


    best regards,



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      Hi Michael,


      After going through the SAP doc I find rounding to pack sizes works for CRM orders which are created in CRM and calls APO directly. Ref prerequisite in the link and setting for rounding



      We are not using CRM orders which are created in CRM and APO is called directly form CRM. We are using LEAN (ERP) orders which are created in ECC from CRM, and APO is called from ECC. Orders are also created in ECC via EDI, E-com, etc. We can say our scenario is some kind of no CRM


      Do you think packaging specification would work for our scenario? It would be helpful if you can share some info on using the packaging specification to make it work for us.


      About user exit, we found explicit enhancement spot /SAPAPO/ATP_CONFIRMATIONS to change the quantity but facing issue with fetching the order UOM, material number and item number. Order UOM we could manage by exporting from another exit /SAPAPO/ATP_TRC.


      If possible please provide some input on using on user exit.




      Could you please provide some detail info using std APO rounding functionality for orders that are created in ECC?

      We have already implemented the exit EXIT_SAPLATPC_002 in ECC. This is working fine if the ATP check is taking place in ECC but not firing when ATP check is done in APO.

      We are using both local (ECC) and APO ATP checks. In APO using two types of ATP checks u2013 Product check and Product check plus RBA.


      Thanks a lot.