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Inspection lot per HU instead of batch in inter company stock transfers

C Olivia
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We are testing intercompany stock transfers and we face the following problem when we check inspection lots created at the receiving plant: one inspection lot is created for each HU, while we want one per batch.


We multiplied tests with many combination on  material settings on inspection type 01 (which is inspection type used on inspection lot):

u2022     with or w/o u201CInsp. for HUu201D

u2022     u201CControl inspLotu201D: blank, 1, 2 or X

without success!


Letu2019s me precise that inbound delivery is created automatically from goods issue at issuing plant because we activated SPED functionality (then Hus numbers are directly taken from outbound delivery to inbound delivery).


Also we noticed something that could help understand the problem:

1.     when issuing plant picks HUs into the warehouse, they confirm TO via RF transaction (LM61). As a result, outbound delivery as a main item and there is a split by several sub items, as many as HUs confirmed

2.     when we test the picking confirmation out of a non RF transaction (LT12), there is a main item but only sub items per batch (qty is then aggregated)


What is maybe interesting to notice is in the first case, inspection lot at receiving plant is created per HU while in the second case, it is created per batch!

Second behavior is what we require but RF pick confirmation is mandatory for us!


Is there any chance to change QM behavior in that case?


Thank you,