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sapinst.exe SAPINST_USE_HOSTNAME=<virtual hostname of (A)SCS instance>

Rahul Sriram
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Hi all,


For starting installation on HA systems with following command  INST_USE_HOSTNAME=<virtual hostname of (A)SCS instance>


<virtual hostname of (A)SCS instance> points to SAP<SID> or GPSYSTEM  ?


GPSYSTEM is name of virtual host created during MSCS ,  or SAP<SID> which is created for A(SCS)..


Which is used for starting , However i have started with GPSYSTEM, resulting in some issues, therefore is suspect. Please advice.




  • Re: sapinst.exe SAPINST_USE_HOSTNAME=<virtual hostname of (A)SCS instance>
    Beigen Yu
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    This host name need be the name which you put in 7.4.2 step 10(when you create the client access point, you also need assign a IP address to this name in your public network, this is refer teh installation guide for ehp4, not ehp5), if your DNS setting haven't done the resolution for this virtual host name, you need put a entry to you hosts file, for example, if you use virtual host name is GPSYSTEM, your hosts in nodeA and nodeB need have below line:

    <IP address for this virtual host>   GPSYSTEM

    Later on after finish this installation, you can let network team add it to your DNS setting.  you need can ping GPSYSTEM after you finish 7.4.2 and bring the access point online. You need use sapinst.exe SAPINST_USE_HOSTNAME=GPSYSTEM to do the installation.

    BTW, you should add all your three virtual host name into your hosts file or setup in DNS at first, the three virtual hosts is:

    virtual host for failover cluster

    virtual host for DB

    virtual host for ASCS(suppose you only need ABAP stack), below is my hosts before setup it in DNS

      DBPRD    #virtual host for db     SAPPRD #virtual host for ASCS     CSPRD   #virtual host for failover cluster





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