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ESS for Global Employees

Terence Bosco
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We are in the process of activating ESS for Global employees. MoGE switch active, Enterprise business extension HCM_ESS_CI_1 and HCM_ESS_CE are active.


The following ESS application ID maintained for countries UK and Spain in table T7XSSCE_GRP;






The Global employee has two personnel assignments 1) UK (Home record) and 2) Spain (Host record), system user ID maintained in the home record IT 0105 SUBTYP 0001. The personnel assignment dialog box appears for UK and Spain assignment. Now accessing the UK personal information services (Personal data, address and bank details) is not a problem. However, while accessing the Spain assignment all personal information services are terminated with critical error. Couple of short dumps created in ST22 1) OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED_NO and 2) GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED.


Has anyone come across this issue? if so, could you please share your experience as how it was resolved? 






Additional information:

We are on ehp4 SP 0012, Business packages for self service 1.41

Leave request services for both personnel assignments are working correctly.

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    Siddharth Rajora
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    are you using different roles for this global employee to access different countries ESS?


    note that




    ESS scenario is used for a country for which standard ESS content is not

    delivered. In this case, if there is mismatch between VIEKN & ITBLD or,

    if ITBLD is set as 99 then system is not able to initialize record.It

    results in dump in ESS Address scenario for all such pernrs.


    run the report rpufixds

    whats the viekn maintained in pa0003 for the pernr?


    the standard way of implementing GE is to Create a

    separate ESS country specific role and copy all iviews that should be in

    those country-dependent roles. When ever the employee travel from one

    location to another location on long term assignment, a additional

    role(specific to new location) is provided the given user id.


    you can make use of Proxy class in 'Area Home Page

    Configuration' to achieve your requirement where in you can deactivate the services accordingly


    Also an employee cant access like address services for different countries at a time


    You can deativate the role also using the badi


    BAdI: Determine All Personnel Assignments of a User



    This Business Add-In (BAdI) is used for Concurrent Employment and Global Employment.


    You can use this BAdI to specify which of a user's personnel assignments are to be processed together when a self-service is called (for example, Employee Self-Service).


    Standard settings


    In the standard system, the BAdI implementation HRCCE_ASSIGNMENTS_BY_CP is activated. The default code is executed automatically.




    ie read here also

    Customize GE Roles for ESS Applications



    In this IMG activity, you can customize country-specific roles. To access Employee Self-Service (ESS) applications for different country groupings, you need to customize employee roles in the portal.


    An employee of a multinational organization works six months of the year in USA and six months in Germany. She has to maintain personal data, such as bank details and time management, separately for USA and Germany. Two separate ESS roles need to be created. With the USA-specific role, she maintains ESS details for USA, similarly for Germany, she uses Germany-specific role.




    Perform the following Customizing activity to activate CE/GE settings: Assign CE/GE Group Definition Settings to ESS Applications


    If you create your own grouping reader class, you must include filtering for the country grouping.


    Standard settings


    You need to create a separate ESS role for each country in which an employee has an assignment. If an employee has contracts in USA and Germany, you need to create two roles containing relevant services and assign these roles to the employee:


    Employee Self-Service - USA

    Employee Self-Service - Germany

    For more information regarding Employee Self-Service roles, refer to SAP Library under SAP ERP Central Component -> Human Resources -> Personnel Management -> Business Package for Employee Self-Service 1.31.


    In addition to the customizing required for creating country-specific roles, you need to perform the Customizing steps explained in this activity.




    Perform the following steps in the country-specific role you have created:


    1. In the Enterprise Portal, go to Content Administrator -> Portal Content.

    2. Open the role you have created.

    3. Open the delta link for the Area Group or Area Page iView.

    4. Edit the Application Parameters property. Enter the application parameter as sap.xss.filter.countrygrouping along with the country grouping value.

    5. You can also directly edit the property of Area Group and Area Page iViews, without going through the delta link of the role.

    6. If you are not using the homepage to access ESS services, you need to edit the Application Parameters property for all individual application iViews which will be accessed by the employee.



    An employee, with one portal user, has two roles for personnel assignments in USA and Germany. Assume you have created the roles Employee Self-Service - USA and Employee Self-Service - Germany:


    1. Open the delta link for Change Address Data iView.

    This service has country-specific versions for USA and Germany.

    2. In the Application Parameters property of the iView, add the new parameters &sap.xss.filter.countrygrouping=10 for USA, and &sap.xss.filter.countrygrouping=01 for Germany.

    3. If you want to access services under Personal Information, add the application parameters &sap.xss.filter.countrygrouping=10 and &sap.xss.filter.countrygrouping=01 to the Personal Information iView from the delta link of the role.



    If you try to use the global employment (GE) scenario and have not maintained the above-mentioned customizing features, you will receive a run-time error with the following text:


    GE Scenario: Refer to Employee Self-Service -> General Settings -> Concurrent Employment (CE)/Global Employment (GE).

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      Terence Bosco
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      Hi Siddharth,


      Thanks for your reply. There are no data sharing inconsistencies. PA0003-viekn field is populated with the respective molga for both personnel assigments. We have configured the ESS country specific roles for both personnel assignment however still there is short dump GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED (Field symbol has not yet been assigned - Termination occurred in the ABAP program "CL_HRPA_PERNR_INFTY_XSS=======CP" - in "IF_HRPA_PERNR_INFTY_XSS~GET_F4_VALUES".) when accessing the host country personal and address data screens. In IMG step Assign CE/GE Group Definition Settings to ESS Applications we have maintained grouping reader class as CL_HRXSSCE_PERNR_GRP_INFO for the services.


      Kind regards,