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CMS error update, cms SLD IO error Read timed out

Richard Sanchez
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Hi experts


We are in error: update fails with the error message: SLD (URL http://

<host>: port_num) server exception: IO error: Read timed out


create a new SC in the SLD, then create a new track in the CMS, to viewthe new SC, the side of the CMS are trying to make an update to MS in

Landscape configurator but it is giving timeout error Read.


Communication between MS and SLD server is OK

The configuration of the SLD is OK

The recommendations of the oss note 1383798 were executed, including

execution of the statistics of all tables in the MS server and SLD

The recommendations of the oss note 1388143, including the timeout

parameter value we assign a very very big, but the error persists, it

appears that this value is not taken by the system.


We need your help to correct this error and continue with the project

DSD Movistar is stopped


New track: DSD



Thanks for your attention and will wait for your comments