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Program ID

suresh babu
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        I have a doubt in RFC scenario about ProgramID,why we dont have programID at receiver side and why it needs sender side...





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      suresh babu
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      I could not found the answer in sdn so please help me now

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        Pothana Yadav
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        This answers your query. Program ID should be same. Interesting read - Question 22 of SAP note 730870


        1. The Program ID - This is Confusing !!!


        Q: Where can I find the program id ?


        Ans: Well, the program id can be anything, even your name. But the catch here is that you should have the same in both the RFC destination and your RFC adapter.


        Note: If you have read the above mentioned blog by Mike, he has used sdnweblog as the program id and the same is used in the RFC destination and also the RFC adapter




        An extract of the same is


        "To identify a XI RfcAdapter sender channel within the SAP Gateway it is important that its Program ID is unique within this Gateway.So try to avoid using common phrases as Program ID like 'rfcadapter' or 'rfcToXmb'.


        To check which Program IDs are registered at the SAP Gateway the gateway-monitor can be used via transaction SMGW. Select Goto -> Logged on Clients. Registered RFC-Servers have a System-Type of 'REGISTER_TP'. The Program ID of the registered RFC-Servrer can be found in column 'TP name'. Unfortunately the list within SMGW only shows the truncated version of the Program ID (column 'TP name'). To get the full name, the details of an entry have to be selected. As an alternative the report RSGETALL_REG_SERVERS can be executed in transaction SE38. The output of this report will show the full names of the Program ID in column 'Registered PROGID'. This functionality is also available in the function module GWY_READ_CONNECTED_SYSTEMS which can be executed in transaction SE37."