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How to import a certificate into ABAP system

Sridevi Anujan
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I want a import a domain certificate into my ABAP certificate and make that the SSL certificate for the server. Please guide me how to go about it.




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    Simone Pantaleoni
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    To import a certificate in Abap Stack, you can use STRUST transaction.


    Go through this link for usage of STRUST transaction:




    You can import your certificate under:

    - Server SSL Standard

    - Anonymous SSL Client

    - Standard SSL Client


    Depend if you want to import a Server certificate or a Client certificate.

    I think that you are talking about a SERVER certificate, than you need to import certificate under Server SSL Standard node


    A brief HOW TO:


    Importing the CA's root certificate if it is located in the File System.

    From the Trust Manager screen:


    Expand the SSL server PSE node.

    For each application server that is to receive a signed certificate:

    Select the application server with a double click. The application server's SSL server PSE is displayed in the PSE maintenance section.


    In the certificate section, choose Import certificate.

    The Import Certificate dialog appears.

    Enter the corresponding file name from the file system.

    Select the certificate's file format.

    If you are not sure which format to select, open the certificate in a text browser that does not use formatting, for example, Notepad. If the contents are readable (although encoded), then the format is Base 64. Choose Enter.


    The certificate appears in the certificate maintenance section.


    Choose Add to Certificate List.

    The certificate is added to the certificate list for the PSE displayed in the PSE maintenance section.

    Save the data.




    Note: Restart system or Restart instance after certificate installation, to update PSE