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Pipeline Steps in PI

selvaraj c
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Hi everyone. I want know the Pipeline steps in PI. I go through some threads. But I didnt get the whole idea. Could you Please help me out in this.

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    Praveen Reddy
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    Pipeline steps are :


    Receiver Identification

    Determine which system(s) should participate in an exchange with the

    incoming message.


    Interface Determination

    For each receiver system determine which interface(s) should receive a



    Message Branch

    If multiple receivers are found, XI will instantiate a new message for each



    Request Message Mapping

    Call the mapping program to transform the message structure to the receiver



    Outbound Binding

    Bind a specific destination and protocol to the message.


    Call Adapter

    Send the transformed message to the adapter or proxy.




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    Raja Sekhar Reddy
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    use Search function effectively..dont post repeared/basic threads.

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    Mark Smyth
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    SriGnanaKiran Polani
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    Dear Selvaraj,


    Pipeline steps are as follows,


    1) Receiver Identification


    2) Interface Determination


    3) Message Split


    4) Message Mapping


    5)Technical Routing


    6) Call Adapter




    Kiran Polani