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Collective number usage in Sales Order

Stefan Hagström
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Hi, what is the actual usage of "Collective Number"?

How will the processing of a sales order differ between a sales order where the collective number is set and a an order where the collective number is not set?


I'm working with EDI and ORDERS/ORDRSP and have a requirement to include an additional reference in the ORDRSP from the ORDERS idoc.

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    If you want a reference field check VBKD-IHREZ, i.e. your reference which is part of E1EDKA1-IHREZ in ORDERS05 IDoc type.




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    Deepak Sharma
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    Hi Stefan,


    Here i m giving example from MM perspective where we use collective Numbers :


    A collective number is required in transaction ME41 for almost every business. While creating a request for quotation (RFQ), you have to add the collective number manually. You can get multiple quotations against one purchase request (PR) from different vendors. You can use this collective number to collect all quotations against one PR or against one material.


    For one example, say a company wants to purchase a laptop. First, it creates a PR for this laptop using transaction ME51N. Then it creates an RFQ for vendors with reference to the created PR using transaction ME41. If the company sends the RFQ to 10 vendors, then it has to create 10 RFQ documents. When it gets a quotation from all vendors, it needs a common ID for the quotations so it can compare them and determine the lowest price. In this case, it can use the collective number (stored in the Coll. No. field) to retrieve and then compare these prices. By default, the user has to enter this collective number manually, which is time consuming and allows for error if the user enters a number incorrectly.


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