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SUS- and SRM- Portal

Alexey Derbushev
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Hallo All,


There are two system SUS and SRM, which are on the same server, but have different client (XXX and YYY).

Please tell me,  as suppliers and buyers should go to a web application?


portal where suppliers are working to process their data (addresses, contracts, etc.) are  the same as where they work and purchaser? that is a common portal(a reference to Logon suppliers and buyers), but depending on the user's role (supplier / buyer), they see different screens. So this or not?

or is there a separate portal for suppliers and a separate portal for purchaser, 2 links to login?



Thank You

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    Nikhil Gupta
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    Purchasers and suppliers will use the same portal, but based on the different roles, they will see different iviews.




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      Alexey Derbushev
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      Hallo Nikhil,


      but then the suplier must still have the user in SRM, which would go to the portal?


      I now have two users (the same role), one in SRM and other in SUS

      in the portal I can go only by the user of the SRM.

      what the settings are still necessary, that I could enter the portal to the sus-user ?



      or if the supplier (SUS-user) havecheckbox "the portal suplier", he will be able to enter the portal with sus users?


      Thank you.

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        Sam Chacko Ninan
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        You dont have to have users for supplier in EBP and SUS.

        First have the SUS system connected to your portal (portal consultant will know this,, you will have mention a system alias for SUS in portal like how we do for EBP)and have the SUS users in portal too.

        Just define the users in SUS with the required abap roles and corresponding portal roles for the portal user.




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          Rex Farris
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          Hi Sam,


          I read your post and there's something I don't understand.  I have SRM and SUS as two different clients on the same system.  If SRM and SUS clients are both configured to use the same portal and the portal's UME is pointed to the SRM client, how can a user who exists only in the SUS client authenticate on the portal? 


          How would this work?


          Kind regards,