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MII Interface

sudesh pandey
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I am quite new to MII and found it on SDN as a Emerging technology which it is and I am glad to be a part of this forum now and hoping to get much assistance and guidance.

We are looking for options for a customer to go with  MII including S95 package( I believe the right one) for Downloading and Processing of messages from going back and forth between SAP, MII  and local plant SQL Databases.

After going through some documentation available on SDN about MII, I felt it could be a right choice to include MII in the existing environment which can reduce the maintenance effectively and Increase the Production.


At this point of time the data flow is listed as below


Servers ( remote) : SAP R/3 <->PAC( Bespoke software)<->IBM Webshere MQ Server

Plant ( local) :  IBM Webshere MQ Server <->Webshere MQ Client<->PAQAgent ( **bespoke software )<-> MCI<->RSBatch


For further information about the current environment here are some more details, we have a customer environment where SAP day to day functions on the machine.

PAC : which is bespoke software is responsible for interfacing documents transferred from SAP, specifically control recipes to Plant,process messages from Plant and process message responses back to plant.

IBM Product called MQ Series which is Standard product for reliable delivery of batch information as opposed to real time information.


The PAC Program is responsible for interfacing documents transferred from SAP, responsible for packaging and unpacking of XML files to and from SAP and the Plant based systems via MQSeries

IBM MQSeries, the transport layer providing guaranteed delivery of files between the plant  and SAP.

MCI is another windows service which is responsible for multiple actions such as to detect the PAC Program has written files to disk and watch dog service to check the local disk capacity and network connections and process running on the local machine, including message log,recipe submit which manages the control recipe by splitting multiple recipes into individual files and calling the download web-service and MicrosoftMSMQueue,SQL Server.These are the generic components and

Site specific components are Batch Scheduler and BatchList monitor


  • the bespoke software is written is MS C#.Net


Any guidance from MII Gurus will be really helpful.