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Exchange Rate for Excise Invoice (J1IIN)

Prashant More
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Hi Experts,

which field the exchange rate is considering to calculate the excise duty for export excise invoice?

We are maintaining Exchange rate in OB08 with Exchange rate type--M (Standard translation at average rate) on daily basic as per Bank Exchange rate.

But in excise invoice we want to calculate an exchange rate from customs which is maintained in different Exchange Rate Type (it will be changed on monthly basic).

We need to copy same exchange rate from billing to Excise Invoice which is not 'M' maintained in Company code setting in CIN config.

Please suggest,


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    prashanth gaddam
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    SPRO  Logistic General  Tax On Goods Movement  India Basic Settings  Maintain Company Code Settings


    Maintain the required Exchange type here.


    Maintain the customs Exchange rate and assign it on the above path




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      hello world
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      Hi Prashanth@SD ,


      from the path mentioned by you, -> SPRO  Logistic General  Tax On Goods Movement  India Basic Settings  Maintain Company Code Settings

      the exchange rate is fixed for the CVD(BED) only as per OB08.


      what about other excise tax like AED, ECS, SECess?? is there any other place where i can maintain for those tax as well?

      other than for CVD(BED) which is able to convert correctly to local currency with the exchange rate from OB08, but it seems like there's a slight deviation of exchange rate for other excise taxes like AED, ECS and SECess....


      please advice.

      thank you.

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    Sudhir R
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    if you want to pick up the custom related exchange rate, see actually we will have two exchange rate types, 1 for MM and 1 for SD, as u said M for SD u are using, you can change that at customer master level where you have an exchange rate indicator, maintain the customs related exchange rate type and that will fetch when ever you any transactions for that customer the particular exchange rate.


    Kindly check and let us know





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      hello world
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      customer master level??is there any link between customer master and purchasing?

      for my case, i have the exchange rate maintained in OB08 under exchange rate type "M" and rate of 1 JPY = 0.608 INR


      during migo and after the conversion i got the below exchange rates for the respective custom duties.


      BED = 28,742 JPY, after conversion in MIGO 17,475.13 INR, exch rate of 0.6079997912462598

      AED = 12,740, after conversion in MIGO 7,747.02 INR, exch rate of 0.6080863422291994

      CESS = 575, after conversion in MIGO 349.54 INR, exch rate of 0.607895652173913

      SECess = 288, after conversion in MIGO 174.76 INR, exch rate of 0.6068055555555556


      why is there a slight deviation among the exch rate among the 4 excise duties?is this behaviour normal?


      because if i were to calculate using exch rate of 0.608, the results for the 4 excise dutie should be as below

      BED = 17475.136 INR round off to 17,475.14

      AED = 7745.92 INR round off to 7,745.92

      CESS = 349.6 INR round off to 349.6

      SECess = 175.104 INR round off to 175.10


      please advice whether is there anything wrong and if the slight deviation above is a normal behaviour for 'M" exchange rate.

      Also, i have also tried putting the 'fixed exchange rate' in the PO header but it's still havng the same symptoms.

      Thank you.