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table to know previous tcode ?

praveen n
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can any one plz tell me


table to find previous tcode?


how can we find previous tcode which we entered in sap?




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    Naveen Kumar Vasan
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    Please check the below details


    What I could imagine of course is, that you create an own solution,

    you could use the user exit at logon (SUSR0001) to fill an own table

    with logon details and user details.


    Please follow the steps which are described below to

    activate the security audit log

    1. Call TA SM19

    2. Choose Dynamic Configuration

    3. Press F6 and enter Client=* and User=*

    4. set filter active

    5. Choose the following audit classes




       -User Master Change

    6. Choose Event "ALL"

    7. Activate Audit(CRTL+F3)


    Now you should have activate the security audit log.

    (  > Configuration was changed and activated on all current instances)

    If the log was activated successfully then unlock user  and check

    the system every day.


    539404 FAQ: Answers to questions about the Security Audit Log