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Data Replication Error in MDG-F G/L Account Scenario

Naoya Tsugo
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Hi Experts,


Now, I'm trying to G/L account maintenance scenario with MDG-F.


I maintained multiple G/L accounts and replicate data from staging table to G/L Account Master by WS-RM Service.

(we are using menu > "Financial Master Data Governance" >"distribution monitor" > "Replicate Data" button)


Seeing "SRTUTIL", We can confirm Data Replication starts correctly.

But, every services terminates with following application error.

  1. We have created change request to register new entries to G/L Account Master.


Message Class:FH

Message No :058

Message Text :Account 1111111111 has not been created in chart of accounts ZZJP


This error message seems to be strange...

It seems like message which is displayed when updating an entry that does not exist.

We are trying to register a new entry to G/L Account Master(SKA1 and SKB1).

Couldn't we be able to register a new entry to both of SKA1 and SKB1 at the same time using DRF?


I hope your kind reply.




Naoya Tsugo

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    Vamsi Krishna Pebbisetti
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    Hi Naoya,


    I'm sorry I am not answering your question, instead asking you a question


    Looks like you were able to replicate the data from staging table to GL master by WS-RM service. Requesting you to share the documentation to do that or if you dont have documentation proably you can guide me how to acheive this.


    Also what is the change request type you are using for GL account creation in EP5 ?


    I am stuck at this point. I have the data for Cost center created in the staging tables and  need help to replciate this in ECC. I am assuming what ever config you have used to replicate GL account data from staging to GL master can be used for cost center as well, proably with few changes. Looking forward to hear from you.




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    Naoya Tsugo
    Currently Being Moderated

    Hi Vamshi,


    Sorry Vamshi, I dont have any documentation for that.


    I created change request, type "0G_0001"(Process Accounts; Object List Optional),

    but it seems that change request type is not related to the distribution.


    Have you defined the Business System and the Replication Model?

    1. IMG menu > Master Data Governance > General Settings > Data Replication > Define Custom Settings for Data Replication

    2. 1. > Define Technical Settings for Business Systems

    3. 2. > Define Replication Models

    4. I have defined the Outbound Implementation of ES in the Replication Model.


    If you have already defined those settings,

    try to define ES settings(Consumer/Provider) by "SOAMANAGER".

    1. Also you have to define bgRFC settings by report "SRT_ADMIN".




    Naoya Tsugo

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      David Gyurasz
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      Hi Naoya and all other SAP MDGF experts ,

      The reason I'm writing to this thread is, that it looks like you managed to configure data replication for MDGF via web services and that is exactly the same thing I'm currently trying to do too.

      I'm trying to configure Date Replication for MDGF (Cost Center) via Web Services/SOAMANAGER. SAP ECC 6.0, EhP5, IDES. MDGF is running on the same IDES server to which I'm trying to replicate the data, I have only 1 ERP, not 2.

      I have defined a Business System - created a ABAP RFC Connection and assigned it to the R3_800 Business System. For Logon I have entered a "Service" user having the roles "SAP_BC_WEBSERVICE_SERVICE_USER", "SAP_BC_BGRFC_SUPERVISOR". Here in this RFC Destination Configuration The "Connection Test" and "Remote Logon" work.

      I have created a Replication Model. In the "Assign Outbound Implementation" I have chosen 1100-Cost Centre and chosen the "Communication Channel" -> "Replication via Services". Is this the correct Communication Channel for Replication via Web Services?

      I have defined ES settings in SOAMANAGER by using the info from these 3 manuals:

      1. http://help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_05/helpdata/en/a1/6212b57a73498da969c38b8c90bcd0/frameset.htm - Configuration of Master Data Governance for Financials
      2. http://help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_05/helpdata/en/9e/c7a3591dc74a679bbc9716354e42af/frameset.htm - Configuring a Consumer Proxy
      3. http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-16224 - How to Develop, Monitor and Debug WS Consumer and Provider

      Unfortunately the "Ping Web Service" for the Logical Port for the Consumer Proxy ends with the following error:

      SRT Framework exception: Service Ping ERROR: Error when calling SOAP Runtime functions: SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: ("ICF Error when receiving the response: ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED")


      This is a problem itself, which I don't know how to resolve, but at the same time I moved on, with other configurations (but if anybody knows a solution for how to get rid of this error, that would be great too):

      I have tried to define bgRFC settings by report "SRT_ADMIN" (http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/en/46/abbc05ba0c2a7fe10000000a1553f6/frameset.htm - Configuring the Web Service Runtime).

      When I run the report: se38 -> SRT_ADMIN_CHECK. I have currently all checkmarks green for the main client 800. For client 000, not all points are green, some of them are red. Do I need to make sure all of them are green for client 000 too? Did you do this step too?

      So, data replication is not working currently. The main error from the DRFLOG is:

      Error during proxy call (Error Message: GET_BUSINESS_SYSTEM_ERROR An error occurred when d, )

      Message no. USMD_XI_PROXY013


      Which looks to me, as if it tries to use XI/PI, which is not configured on our IDES Server currently. Is it true, that it tries to connect via XI/PI but doesn't find a configuration for this and ends with the above error? Why doesn't it use the web service configuration from soamanager instead, why does it want to go through XI/PI?

      This error message from the data replication log is my main problem, which I can't get rid of, and have no real idea what it tries to do, what the problem is.

      General question to "Replication via Services" - if this is selected in the Replication Model in the Assign Outbound Implementation, how does the replication framework know whether to use XI/PI or Web Services?

      Any help (like what should I check using which transactions to track down what I configured badly or not at all) is much appreciated.

      Feel free to ask any questions, I will be happy to provide any additional info, screenshots that might help you.


      Kind regards,


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        Naoya Tsugo
        Currently Being Moderated

        Hi David,


        You don't need to connect via XI/PI for DRF.


        Have you configured WebService in your target Client?

        Seeing your ping error, it seems that the webservice endpoint does exist.
        (Perhaps, "CostCentreReplicationBulkRequest_In" isn't it)


        I think you should do following.

        1.Create Web Service in your target System.(SOA Manager)

        2.Create new Locigal Port in your MDG Client with WSDL URL which you create in step 1.

            or change existing logical port Access Path in Transport Setting tab.


        Access pass is following

        /sap/bc/srt/xip/sap/costcentrereplicationbulkrq/<Client>/costcentrereplicationbulkrq/<binding Name>

        (This path can check in Tr-Cd:SICF)


        e.g.)When I create webservice endpoint in default name, the access path become following.




        Kind regards,


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          Hanif Muhammad
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          Hi everyone,


          While creating new entries in GL Accounts Master Data, I am getting the same error as mentioned in the inital post:


          Message Class:FH

          Message No :058

          Message Text :Account 0600101019 has not been created in chart of accounts PPL


          I have also checked that after manually creating a GL Account on CoA level, replication to create a GL Account on company code level is working fine. The error is being faced while replicating GL Accounts on CoA level.


          Please help.



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    Rahul Pathak
    Currently Being Moderated

    Hi Naoya


    Try this one setting when you are trying to replicate. In your edition try selecting the checkbox which will automate the process of replication.


    The principle which prevents you from replicating the data correctly is COA account should first exist before you create COMAPNY CODE ACCOUNT in the system. Same persistance will occur if you try creating the cost element before you create GL account. This is standard SAP FI behavior and check.


    In my view, if you create these two entities in sequense, you should not face this issue since Account COA will establish the entity with its global attributes in SKA1 table first. Then ACCOUNT (Co Code) which adds local attributes to it will get the reference entry from ERP check tables and will get updated correctly in SKB1 table.


    Please try and let me know if it works fine. I tried this and it worked for me. Creating them together didn't work for me either.