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PP and Project Based Manufacturing- ETO

Shankar Nag
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Can you guide me in the preparation Operation Plan in a ETO scenario with PS integration.The details are as below:



-PP is Integrated with PS, currently there is no S&OP, Demand Management.

-MRP is directly run for Project Using MD51.Planned orders are generated which are then converted to production order.


The problem is this:


-Since there are different projects running in parallel and Manufacturing Facility is single,a comprehensive Production plan needs to be prepared.The delivery dates comes from the projects(PS) and this is subjected to change based on availability of Engineering specifications. This change has to reflect automatically in the Production Plan.Now, I need to know how can we integrate PS and PP so that the Plan for deliverables (Finished goods which are manufactured) can automatically flow to PP.Is there any way we can use SOP or DM for this purpose. The granularity of plan we are looking at is production on daily basis.


Any Idea would be greatly appreciated.


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    Raja Sekhar Sankaramanchi
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    in your case since PS module is there the following are the activities to be done


    !) from PS point of view Create WBS element, network,activities


    2) If MRP run is required execute MRP




    3) for the WBS element itself you can create production order Using the T-code=CO10








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    Mario Adler
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    You task is not easy, since, to my understanding, you release PP orders (or at least PS requirements for production) before the product is fully engineered. Then, as BOMs and drawings are getting released by engineering, you want to update PP.


    I think that you should have a design review on where to draw the line between PS and PP in respect to operations. SAP's best practices is that always manufacturing operations should be done with a PP order, but this can be discussed.


    You should try to keep all the "unstable" and "in-process" operations (typical PS stuff) on PS networks, and release to PP only when you have a full engineering spec.


    So, all engineering work, advanced procurement for LLI, tool manufacturing, preproduction activities, tests, etc., should be on PS networks. Then when engineering is releasing a subassembly or any manufactured part, you fully define it's production data (BOM, Routing), put it as a component required on an activity of a network (this way it gets the date from PS schedule), run MRP so all the components are planned, and convert planned orders to production orders and purchase requisitions.


    In case PS schedule (dates) change after, you get MRP exception messages to signal the need to adjust production and purchasing accordingly.