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SD - Sales Order - Rescheduling

Devon Winters
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Dear All.


Standard sales order rescheduling in ECC 6.0 allows updating the sales orders for changes in the demand/supply picture affecting ATP since the sales order was last updated.  The updates may result in confirmation quantity as well as date changes.


Is it possible to set the system so that only the confirmed quantity changes?  So that the existing confirmed date does not change?

Currently the confirmed date may improve or be pushed depending on the circumstances.

However, in this scenario, once the customer is promised a date that date shouldn't change.  

How to lock in the date, but not the confirmed quantity?   


Also, Fix Date & Quantity seems to lock both the date and quantity so the item is skipped in rescheduling.  This may not be an option as it should be unconfirmed if the ATP is not there.


I couldn't think of anything standard for this, and wondering if anyone has tried any custom approaches for this?

The big challenge that I can think of is if the confirmed quantity is reduced to 0 then we also loose the confirmed date.


Many thanks!