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HR Support Packs for EHP4

Fett Patrick
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Our ECC 6.0 EHP4 system is at SPS7.  We need to put in the year end HR patches which would talke it from hr patch 27 to 40 (yet to be released).  I have a couple questions


do we have to go to SPS09.  That might require much more extensive testing then if we do just the HR packages.  If we do only the HR packages, it also calculates some other packages are needed at patch 8 level for sap_aba, sap_basis, sap_bw, and a few others.  Those would have to go in per spam.


We have ess/mss in a nw701 portal, and it looks like from the release notes if you go to EHP sps09, you have to upgrade ess/mss java compontes to a 7.3 portal.  How can we tell if a ess/mss business package needs to be upgraded in the above scenario.


Would any other connected systems need patching such as mdm, BI abap 7.01sps5.  CRM, SRM

You don't need to answer these, but I am having a hard time finding notes that say what needs to be updated in other environments if you do EHP4 support packs.  Do you have any links?


Thanks, Pat

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    Naveen Kumar Vasan
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    Hi Pat,


    Please refer this link to know the patch levels required.

    The patch combination should be given to Solution manager via MOPZ which is better way to get rid of compatibilty issues.





    Refer this SAP note


    1165437   Enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP: Required support packages


    'SAP ECC 6.0 and subsequent releases will automatically contain all

    integration interfaces that so far have been contained in the SAP R/3

    Plug-In and that ensured the technical integration with other SAP



    1. Support package upgrade for the system can be done independently

       for both BI and ECC system.


    2. You need to check the dependencies only within the system ECC or

       BI system.


    If the source is a just an ECC system ie. not XI or Portal or SLD then

    the SPSs are independent and there should be no compatability

    issues whatsoever with just upgrading the BI system.


    Interconnectivity is provided via PI_BASIS in abap which can

    exist with lower SP levels on the ECC side.


    If you plan to update the BI system SP levels then you can check this

    link upgrade dependency analyzer




    Let me know if this does not help.





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      Fett Patrick
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      Thanks, Naveen,


      I saw the note and wiki page.  The problem with that page is it stops at EHP4/SPS7.  And we have to go to higher than that to get the year-end HR patches.  Our preference is not to put sps9 on, but instead to put the minimum on.  SPAM calculates a que that does requre updating sap_basis, sap_aba, sap_bw to patch 8, but we would leave sap_ap and others at 7.


      Unfortunately that note stops at SPS7.  If i use mopz, it will give a list including all of SPS09.  And the queue information button provides a list that makes it look like XSS would need to be 7.3.  What i can't tell, is XSS tied to SAP_AP or SAP_HR?  I'm still not sure if we can do the minimum approach and how that affects ess/mss (XSS).


      Thank you for confirm that BW/ECC support package levels are not tied to each other.  That is what I though, but could not find a reference.


      Thanks, Pat