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SAP HANA development languages for ABAP Developer

Krishna Krishna
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Hi I was just looking at some blogs on HANA. Can anyone tell me how to learn the new HANA programming languages SQLScript etc. As you know not many companies use HANA yet, so getting to use a real HANA box can be hard as of now.. What are the other options... Can I install the HANA software on my PC and use it with a few Excel files or MS-Access db just to workout what these programming languages actually do.. Ofcourse I dont have access to the HANA box(hardware that SAP talks about). I am an ABAP Developer I have access to ECC if that helps.


Also from what I can understand the HANA box sits on top of the ECC/BW systems etc  or would HANA replace some aspects of the Application Server and sit in the R3 architecture? if the second scenario is true would most of the ABAP reports etc written using traditional ABAP have to be replaced or modified to use HANA related code in them to improve performance(I know ABAP doesnt support this yet).


If companies start using HANA I would think most ABAP developments just querying to get data would need to be rewritten-even the webdynpro applications for performance.


Can HANA update DBs as well?


Would HANA programming be a required skill for most ABAP developers in future?


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