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Optional prompt in Universe level

Subash P
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Hi All,


I am having a date prompt in a WebI report in which some default value will get display while refreshing the report. The issue is when ever we change the browser locale this default date value is not getting change.

The prompt is coming from universe. In the prompt definition we have given the deafult value.

The prompt definition is "@Select(Asset\Asset Install Date) between @Prompt('Enter Installation Date (Begin Date):','D',,mono,free,not_persistent,{'01/01/1970'},optional) and @Prompt('Enter Installation Date (End Date):','D',,mono,free,not_persistent,{'01/01/2020'},optional)".

This default value which is there is not getting change according to the locale. Thats why we are planning to remove the default value in definition so that prompt will display calender to user to select the date values which is fine.


The issue is when we make the prompt optional if user doesn't given any input value at that time prompts "Begin date","End Date" have to pick the default values. How to implement this ...?

Any idea please help me out as this is very urgent requirement.