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Accounting Doc not getting generated for Billing Document

Ratna Palit
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The billind doc - 220001673 does not show accounting doc.


When clicked 'Release to Accounting' Flag in VF02 for this billing doc - 220001673 with Zbilling docy type ZFPP , system gave message that "The document has already been completed - Message no. VF061".


Hence tried to check accounting document for the billing doc, it gave message "The accounting document has not yet been created - Message no. VF062".


So, canceled the billing doc but it did not generate any accouting doc.


When cheked for accounting doc for the cancelled billing doc 250001101 with billing doc type S1, it gave the same error as message no VF061. So again tried to do Release to accounting in VF02 for the cancelled document no. 250001101. But no acc doc got released and

system gave error same as message no. VF061.


Pl. also note that the same sales order no for this billing doc no. has got many line items. Whereas the this issue is happening only with one line item, rest orthers are working properly.


Pl. suggest how to resolve this.